Back in the "good old days" all you had to do to get insurance was go down to your insurance agent's office and pay your premium. They would issue you a policy and they might swing by your home to get a photo of the front. Not any more! Now you need inspections:

4-Point Inspections: Looks at the 4 major systems of the home - roof, electric, plumbing and heating/air conditioning. We have to document the age and condition of those systems as well as give a life expectancy for the roof. Insurance underwriters require us to provide photographs of those systems to verify our findings.

Wind Mitigation Inspections: We fill out a Florida Department of Insurance Regulation form that tells the insurance underwriters the features of your home that help the home withstand hurricanes.  There are 7 questions on the form:

  1. What building code was the home built to?
  2. What is the age of the roof covering?
  3. What is the weakest roof deck attachment?
  4. What is the weakest roof-to-wall attachment?
  5. What is the shape of the roof?
  6. Is there a secondary water resistance covering under the roof?
  7. Are there any hurricane protections on the doors and windows?


Roof Certification Inspections: This is a form used for manufactured homes or homes that are reaching the 20-year mark. The insurance underwriters want to know the age and life expectancy of your roof. We have to include photographs to verify our findings.

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